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Our Spring 2022 Lifestyle Series + ADD-ONS have arrived!

Hello + Happy New Year….

Our Spring 2002 Lifestyle Series has officially arrived. Yes-we are early! We just could not wait a moment longer. We are super excited to plan ahead this year and make every season an fun and exciting just for YOU!

From our heart to yours we present to you our exclusive drop of the Joseph Tassoni + Highway 522 Spring Spa Collection. If you purchase an annual subscription or one-time box purchase by January 9th, 2022 you will be GUARANTEED to experience a gift of luxury this upcoming season.

If by chance you have not yet purchased, that is ok. You still have time to purchase a one-time box purchase and gain access to our ADD-ONS in the coming weeks. We can’t guarantee that we will have the ADD-ONS in stock, but you will have access on how these ADD-ONS are exclusive to you and plan ahead for our upcoming seasonal series in the Summer, Fall and Winter.

Once your purchase is complete, you will then be notified by our team to gain VIP access to our exclusive “ADD-ON” boutique. **While quantities last you will be able to choose between purchasing:

A JT mid-length tulip robe (white or pink)


A luxurious white bamboo bath mat

Whether you are slipping into your robe at the end of a busy day, stepping out of a hot bath, making brunch or curling up for a movie this robe will wrap you in warmth. This robe + bath mat is luxurious and always made in Canada.

If you have already purchased a Spring Series or Annual Subscription you will be receving an email from our team week of January 10th to purchase you ADD-ONS. **Remember: you are GUARANTEED to purchase during the week of a January 10th. If you decide to pass that Is ok. Please note we will be opening up our ADD-ONS to all our subscribers week of January 31st. Be sure not to miss out because when they are gone they are GONE.

***These prices are never offered to the general public and are EXCLUSIVE GIFTS for Highway 522 insiders only!

Please visit us at to pre order your Spring Spa Collection TODAY!




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