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Our Story

As a nurse, I was always passionate in supporting individuals to focus on their self-care inside and outside their home. My husband Russ and I are born and raised in Ontario and are proud of our heritages and Canadian roots.  When we began our careers, we never in our wildest dreams imagined that we would end up where we are today- the owners of a beautiful online lifestyle platform and sign manufacturing business. We are thankful and practice gratitude daily as our paths in life has lead us on many adventures which has lead us to you today.
Highway 522 Lifestyle is more than just a lifestyle platform to us. It is a family. It is a community. And ultimately, it is our opportunity to create a products that adds joy, happiness, truth, and beauty to many homes across Canada. The best compliment we can ever receive is to hear that our products have enhanced many homes while also encouraging and supporting Canadian business. We love to know that we are helping our customers transform their home from a place they simply exist into a space they love to be!
We are currently an online shop with plans to become a storefront-so please make yourself at home and fill your carts and hearts with seasonal products all year round. We are so glad to have you here!




We exist to inspire a life well-lived in the local and global communities that we are a part of.


Our mission is to breathe life and joy into homes. We seek to inspire our customers to transform their spaces from a place one exists into a space one loves to be.


We are community-centered, adventure finders that encourage those around us and create products we are proud of. We give back to our community and believe each person matters.

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