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Our Fall 2023 Inspired Living Box was curated to spoil yourself, a friend, a family member, a co-worker or your special someone!  Our seasonal inspired living boxes are always curated to inspire you to live a beautiful & healthy life, both inside and outside your home! 

If you ended up missing out on our Fall 2023 Inspired Living Box be sure to purchase a quarterly and/or an annual subscription today! Or, become a subscriber as it will give you a chance to be first in line to receive seasonal launches, add-ons, giveaways, promotions in 2023 and beyond! 


**We love spoiling you!



The Winter Inspired Living Box was curated to support you ADORE the home you’re in! We believe that home is a sacred space where life’s most raw and beautiful moments unfold. If we can help you create a feeling in your home that invites creativity, connection, and cozy feels… we know we have done our job!  

We know that decorating your home can feel intimidating and overwhelming at times, especially with the change in seasons. Get ready to add cozy touches to kick off the winter season, and then sit, back, relax and take care of your own well-being as we welcome in 2024! 


Pre-order (Sizeable Item in Each Box)

Thursday, September 15th, 2023


Add-Ons To Purchase
Wednesday, September 27th, 2023


One-Time Box Launch Day
September 16
th, 2023


Box Shipping
Mid-Later November 2023

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**Products and seasonal add-ons are limited after October 3rd @ 9am EST.
We hope you do not miss out!

Enjoy! xoxo
Team Highway 522 

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