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Our lifestyle box is an annual subscription or a one-time seasonal box purchase filled with product from amazing, talented Canadian brands.  


If you sign up as a subscriber, you will have the opportunity to make either:


1. An annual subscription (4 Seasonal Boxes) for $359.96. You will experience an adventure of health and well-being that hundreds of women and their families are already enjoying with the Highway 522 Lifestyle Series. 

2. A one-time box purchase for $97.00 CAD (valued at over $200.00 CAD) but you'll have to be speedy because they are offered on a first come first serve basis and sell out quickly!




Hello! My name is Melanie and Highway 522 Lifestyle became a route to adventure on October 1st, 1976 when my family bought a piece of land in Northern, Ontario off of Hwy 522. This highway led me to build many relationships and opportunities for growth all across Canada. We finally decided that it was time to launch our seasonal one-time box purchase and online apothecary + market. Our family vision was brought to fruition in August of 2020. 


It is my pleasure to share with you that I have been a Registered Nurse for over twenty years and am super excited to bring my nursing knowledge that focuses on health and well-being into into every seasonal series. My daughters Olivia & Reese are also an inspiration and are excited to support their mom in 2022 and beyond.  We love to have fun and appreciate each other no matter what comes tour way. Our family values are based on trust, loyalty and transparency which are the main pillars to all of our Highway 522 subscribers, collaborations and customers.  We feel that Highway 522 Lifestyle is creative, brings forth daily inspirations and appreciates how every generation can bring experience and wisdom to any conversation. 

Our Highway 522 Crew can't wait to bring you Canadian products and brands that range from home decor, fashion, bath and beauty, health and wellness, accessories and everything in between all while keeping seasonality and healthy living at the top of the list! We are also excited to let you know you can now find custom items within their Lifestyle Boxes that have been designed exclusively by Melanie, her family and her Hwy 522 design crew. Our team is also proud to include only Canadian entrepreneurs as a way to support existing, small or upcoming businesses. 

Please know our team is learning every day and focused to be as environmentally friendly as possible. If you have any innovative ideas and would like to share with Highway 522 Lifestyle, or would like to become a collaboration, please send us an email and Melanie would be happy to grab a cup of coffee or (a glass of vino) to discuss any opportunity that comes her way. 

Now let's go! It is finally time for you to become a subscriber and visit our online apothecary and market. You will indeed learn more about how we are spreading gratitude, and many moments of joy all year long! 



Highway 522 Lifestyle was established as a way to bring Melanie's passion for health, well-being, creativity, and interior and exterior design forward. As a full-time nurse this was not always possible. Therefore, she is now shifting gears allowing her vision to come to light and can't wait to support many Canadian businesses who are natural, eco-friendly, diverse, sustainable, and cruelty-free brands as much as possible. Her mission for Highway 522 Lifestyle is to build brand awareness around tried, true and favourite brands to all her subscribers and customers. By curating seasonal products, she can't wait for every person who she comes across to feel inclusive and continue to purchase beautiful essential fun lifestyle products for many, many years to come! Melanie and her Hwy 522 crew can not wait to become a one of Canada's favourite one-stop shop who will be seen as bringing gratitude and joy into every home. She is also wants to be seen a one of many most sought after, conscious, and respected online apothecary + markets  who offers a seasonal lifestyle subscription series. 

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